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Beyond Words Art Therapy.

Welcome to Beyond Words Art Therapy.

Maybe you've stumbled here by accident. Maybe it was intentional. However you arrived,

you are welcome here.

As a person of colour, it can feel overwhelming when you are experiencing difficult emotions and trying to find support. I want to affirm how courageous you are by taking this step to explore.


Hi, I'm Sally. A Registered Psychotherapist and Art Therapist practicing in Tkaronto Kanata (Toronto, Canada). 

I believe everyone has their own stories and experiences that have shaped who they are and how they live out their day to day. Because life is unpredictable and out of our control, some parts of our story may carry pieces of pain, loss, depression, anxiety and hopelessness (just to name a few). 

I believe everyone deserves their stories to be heard and witnessed in a safe, validating way. I'd be honoured if you allowed me to be a part of your journey and be a witness to your story.

Life is hard, let's not do it alone. 

Why Beyond Words?

In my own journey starting from childhood up until now, I learned and realized that healing and growth does not only involve hard conversations but can include other approaches that can equally help us make sense of our experiences. 

Simply put, words are not always enough to understand, express and transform our pain. Sometimes we have to go beyond words - metaphors, story-telling, poetry, imagery, art-making and music in order to heal, learn and grow.

That is why my practice is called Beyond Words.


Writing Supplies

Virtual Individual


If you're curious about my services, contact me for a free 15 minute consultation. It's important that you feel this is a good fit. 

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