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My Story.

My Past Journey

Hi I’m Sally (she/her). My parents and ancestors were born in Korea and immigrated to Tkaranto (Toronto) where I was born. With my parents being immigrants to a new country, we started our life in a small town for many years.


During these formative years, I experienced the powerful nature of creativity as it helped me cope with difficult experiences. Naturally, I felt drawn to offer support to others using creative expression and attended OCADU where I specialized in Fine Arts (Painting and Drawing) and later completed my Masters level diploma at Toronto Art Therapy Institute.

Currently, I am a Registered Psychotherapist, an Art Therapist, and a Clinical Supervisor who provides therapists and students ongoing supervision.

My Beliefs

Throughout my years of practice, I’ve come to learn and believe that some of our deepest wounds come from our earliest experiences. As an individual who was impacted by childhood racial trauma, I can attest to how healing is an ongoing, life long process. 

I believe healing and growth comes through relationships that feel safe and authentic. Especially when we are struggling with hard thoughts and feelings, I believe we are not meant to go through those moments alone, and if we do, that it can be incredibly lonely and painful. 

There is power in community and sharing our stories to others, and further empowerment when we allow the expressive and creative part of us to emerge in order to attain deeper awareness that words simply cannot provide. 


My Hopes

I hope to offer a space for those who recognize their stories also started at an early age, perhaps due to neglect, traumatic events, racism, loss (to name a few), and wish to do the hard inner work by using creative expression alongside verbal communication to process, make better sense of their experiences and ultimately to take steps towards growth. I especially hope to support those who have been impacted by racism and wish to explore how race and culture plays a key role in shaping who they are and how they navigate relationships. 


With your permission, I hope to journey with you through this season and to be one of the safe people in your life to witness your story.

A Little More.

Some of my fav past times are: 

looking for new cafes to do work in, watering

my plants, making waffles and browsing inside Indigo -

especially the stationary section!

Once upon a time I used to make punny

greeting cards and illustrated prints to sell

on Etsy. Being a small business owner

really helped me to appreciate small and local

business! Maybe I'll go back to selling one day :)

I am a huge FRIENDS (the TV show) fan

and once after finishing all 10 seasons, I

went right back to season 1 to repeat.

I also love Korean Dramas. Feel free

to ask which are my most recent favourites! 

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